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The Story Behind Our Craftsman Flooring

When we first walk into a home, we see the possibility of the space. We make sure not to approach any craftsman flooring project with a preconceived notion so that we can be creative and adapt to what the space wants. 

Our work takes imagination, communication, skill, and more than a little (wood) science.

We believe the art should be a true reflection of a client and make their space come alive.


By problem-solving and adapting to the space, we can create hardwood floor designs that feel like they were always meant to be there.

This has been our approach for over four decades, from our beginnings in California to our Central Oregon move. After all, we are artists and real hardwood is our medium. This is a difference you can see in the smallest details of our craftsman flooring—from customized stains to out-of-the-box inlays. Each finished design tells a story that we’re honored to share.

Company Mission

Our mission is to create stunning hardwood floor designs for our client’s homes. Through a collaborative creative process, we get to know each client’s style and goals to create something that’s as unique as it is durable.

Meet Fred

Fred Silva is the creative mind and expert woodworker behind all the craftsman flooring. Since Fred’s childhood in a Washington lumber town working with his contractor uncle, he’s been fascinated by woodworking. When he visited Hearst Castle on a family vacation, he found himself on his hands and knees admiring the beauty and design of the hardwood floors. It was then that he decided to make this his craft.

A true artist, Fred grew his company from the ground up in California, earning the trust and admiration of clients for his integrity, skill, and incredible designs. No matter the project scope or the client requirements, Fred’s passion is evident and his work ethic is unbeatable.

Fred Silva working on hardwood floors
craftsman flooring planks

Our Values


We embody hard work and integrity to our core. We make sure our clients’ goals and values are heard and taken into account before we start a job and continue to build on these honest relationships throughout the process.


As with anything in art, authenticity is crucial. We respect our clients, their visions, and their homes. We’re transparent about every step of the process and clients can also expect authentic, custom hardwood floors down to the smallest detail.


To us, it’s always been about artistry. Fred is a true craftsman whose knowledge of everything wood and flooring, combined with his four decades of experience, helps create stunning masterpieces. We have passion for what we do, and it shows.

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